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Inspection Sticker ....

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Anyone know who online sells nice looking Inspection sticker plates? I bought one today from a shop in Houston at lunch time and it looks like crap.

Looking for something nice.

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Anyway, the article ends saying something like " We can only wonder when the government will decide that the only time we dont need to wear a helmet is when we're asleep in bed. "

Provided the room is carpeted and tha the headboard is padded,

Oh ! And 69 with a fat chick is still illegal without a DOT Full Faced regardless of the situation. That law was sponsored by the Paramedics Association with a closing argument of "We will strike before we ever agre to go in there and ressesitate that guy!"
Muthuh said:
DJW ... to hell with the duke boys, it's Daisy they're so busy still looking for...and yeah thats me...
We have "Kooters" up here on the way to Sky Line Drive, VA owned by guess who of the 'Dukes Fame'. All they serve is BBQ and ole Dukes of Hazard episodes.

Anyone wanna schedule a ride up there some weekend? We could meet at Patriotic Harley near Centerville (or whatever their damn name is)?

It could be our "HoG Duke Run"...

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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