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Hey Quicksilver,
Freedom isnt Free. :) Thanks to Abate of Illinois, I dont have to put up with a bunch of BS laws. We had helmet laws back in the 70's too. Now it's Freedom by Choice. Every year it's a battle with the lawmakers who want to tell us what is best for us. Next time some Anti-Biker dickhead starts on a spiel about how dangerous motorcycles are or how we should be required to wear helmets , refer them to the " Hold the Cheese " article that appeared in L.A. Magazine February 1996. It uses statistics from the National Safety Council's " Accident Facts, 1994 Edition ".
I'm sure there is newer material and articles out there somewhere though. Here are a few numbers from the NSC that appeared in that article... 2500 motorcycle fatalities, 40,676 automobile fatalities (which is the leading cause of death in ages 5 through 32 ) , 12,000 fatalities from slips,trips and falls. I believe the largest part of these are the result of head injuries, including the slips and falls.
Now I'm sure you all realize that your State and Federal lawmakers have only your best interests at heart. Their only motivation for passing laws is because they want to look out for you and keep you safe !!! It has nothing to do with special interests or money. LoL :D
Anyway, the article ends saying something like " We can only wonder when the government will decide that the only time we dont need to wear a helmet is when we're asleep in bed. "
Umm. Actually I've banged noggins pretty hard in bed a few times, maybe I should've been wearing a helmet. :eek:
Phew. Did I really just write all that ? Sorry about the rant, too much caffeine today I suppose.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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