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Inner Primary Leak

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My 2001 FXDX developed a bad leak coming up from behind the inner primary. I replaced both seals, (starter shaft and transmission shaft seal). This didn't even slow it down. I give up and took the bike to the local Harley shop for repair. (The bike is 3 months out of warranty) They claim Harley is having a problem with some of their inner primarys being too porus. They claim some of the castings are so porus that the oil actually soaks thru the casting. Seeing that I have a 15 year old evo that the inner primary has never leaked on I was a bit disappointed in the twin cam. Has anyone else experienced this problem??? If so, is their a good after market inner primary a guy could buy to fix the problem?????
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Are you sure it's chaincase fluid leaking, or could it be transmission fluid? I've spent more than a year in and out of the shop and over $1,000 on repairs. My symtoms on my '99 FXDX were transmission leak so bad, it got all over the drive sprocket, belt, rear wheel and even on the rear fender. Finally, we discovered the problem to be a 'hair-line' crack in the spline area of the main gear . If the threads on the gear hadn't broken off when the nut was removed (for the eighth time) we never would have really looked at it with a magnifying glass! I believe this was a material defect right from the factory, that took 10,000 miles to manifest itself. After replacing this main gear the problem has been solved. I guess it's true, given enough time and money, you can fix anything! Make sure of the type of fluid you are leaking. My local H-D shop failed twice to determine the problem, and I worked with a local independent shop until the problem was fixed.
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The local Hd shop replaced the inner primary and after 600 miles is leak free. Between porosity problems, bad material, and bad heat-treating, its a wonder any of us are still on the road
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