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I am new to this forum. (Just signed up this week). I was amazed to read some of the horror stories on here.

As an Indy area businessman I will not name shops specifically on a public forum, but will be glad to discuss them privately.

Last year when I went shopping for my '05 Fat Boy I went to all three Indy area shops. One made it very clear to me that they were doing me a favor by even talking to me. rude and arrogant are the words that come to mind.

The second shop seemed to be too busy to do much more than acknowledge that I was there and after over an hour without any assistance I left.

The third shop was friendly and helpful, made me feel very welcome and I immediately decided that I had found the right shop.
I wanted a vivid black Fat Boy with options that I not they picked out. After agreeing on a price and giving them a $1000.00 deposit I headed home feeling good about my decision. Two weeks later the shop called me and said that my Fat Boy was there and ready to go.
Excitedly I drove to the dealer only to be handed a sales ticket that was $5600.00 more than our agreed on price. I obviously balked when they told me that this bike had a long list of options that I didn't want or need. Upon refusing to go for the deal I was quickly told that this was my only option and they had no clue as to how long it would take to get the bike I wanted.

I told them that if they couldn't deliver the bike that I wanted that the deal was off and they quickly informed me that they would not under any circumstances refund my deposit.
Being the type of guy I am I told them that l wasn't paying their higher price and was better off forfeiting the deposit than paying nearly $6000.00 more than agreed on. They said "You can't walk out on that big of a deposit."
Of course I said "Watch me!" and walked out.

Upon getting back to work they were already on the phone and wonder of wonders I had exactly the bike that I had ordered two days later.

I love my Harley but have very little affection for the dealers that I have dealt with to date.

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Let me guess-

The dealership that treated you like crap was on the north side.. 96th Street Harley/Honda? Don't get me started on those jackasses. I lived in Fishers, and refused to even buy accessories from them.

I bought my FatBoy from Southside H-D. I never had a problem, in fact I was always treated great.

The Army has since sent me to FT Drum, and luckily I found a pretty good dealer up here.

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Indy Area Dealers

Well, I can highly recommend the folks at Mann's H-D in Edinburgh, just next to the outlet mall on I-65. It's totally worth the drive there. The sales guys, Rich and Jeff, are great. No-nonsense, give you the answers kind of people. They don't try to BS their way around. I bought my bike off Rich, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

The service dept. is good too. They have bent over backwards to ensure my satisfaction on a couple of issues. No problems there whatsoever.

A great selection of accessories, motorclothes, parts, etc. Plus, a 10% Hog Member discount to everyone with a current Hog card.

I visited every dealer in Indy and Bloomington before I bought my FLSTSCI. I found the Indy dealers to be obnoxious at best. The Bloomington dealer was just plain lost. I tried to get them to honor a $500 gift certificate that Mann's was offering last year and they were quite offended that I would even suggest such an idea. Plus, their setup and delivery prices were quite a bit higher than any of the others at the time. I saved $1K by purchasing my bike and associated accessories at Mann's versus the others.

Treat me right and I'll be back is my motto. Give Manns's a try and notice the difference.

Like everything, there are always differing opinions, but my impression of Mann's has been first class all the way, thus far.
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