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This forum will be a heck of a lot more useful if the subject lines gave us an idea of what part of the country (or world...) the dealer you're about to burn (or praise ...) is located in. ;-)

On that note....

I recently bought a 2002 FXDXT from Jim Bailey's Fort Wayne H-D and Buell. It was a good expereince, and I recommend the dealer to others. Like most Harley places they get a lot of 'just-lookers', so they tend to ignore you until you ask a question.

Some old guy on another group told me to ask for the owner, so I did. Jim talked my ear off about a racing school he'd just got back from in Las Vegas, then sold me my bike at MSRP, plus swapped my chrome pipes for the black pipes from an FXDX at no charge.

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I went up there to Bailey's H.D. this year for their open house.That is one big place.I bought my 01 FXD in Lafayette at Eagle H.D. I have no complaints about them,they have always treated me pretty good.
This weather were having is crazy.I already put my bike up for winter.Might have to get it back out. Later!!:D
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