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Our customer's love F4's solution to wind management for the Indian Motorcycles. It is more rigid than the stock shield and has no distortion throughout the entire shield. The shield looks and performs great, pushing wind higher for a comfortable ride. .

For Indian Chieftains, Limited, Elite, Dark Horse. Also fits Roadmaster and Roadmaster Classic and For Indian Chief; Classic, Dark Horse, & Vintage.

  • Fits 2014 and Newer
  • Stock windshield width
  • Built in Rain Shedding
  • DOT approved
  • Made in the USA
The F4 Customs shield is manufactured from the "Highest Optical Grade Poly-carbonate" available to guarantee that there is "No Distortion". Our "Baked In Coating" with our proprietary "Hard Coat Process" makes the F4 shields the most chemical and scratch resistant windscreens on the market today. "The Rain Shedding" is fantastic and our "Optical Clarity" is unmatched by any other. It can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and a paper towel. No special polishes cleaners, or rags required. DOT approved.
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