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Impressions of the "LinBar" on a FatBoy

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I am wondering if any of you have the Linbar on a FatBoy and your impressions. Can you use the footrests? Have you ever tipped it with the bars on it? Did it protect the bike?
Just my wonderings...
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My buddies girlfriend has them on her Fat Boy. My opinions for what they are worth....

I know you didn't ask about looks but, they aren't the best looking for a Fat Boy...kinda too modern and sharp, not "fat" enough unless it matches some other mods you have...but to each his own.

Anyhow...she has dropped it in the driveway and the bars did their job...just damaged a grip and mirror.

She is pretty tall for a chick...and uses the pegs some.
Yeah, I was kinda hoping for impressions on looks, too

My buddy has a Road King and told me he wasn't too hot on the Linbars, either. But I figured, what does he know? So far, no one has commented that they liked em. I saw a Dyna with em over the weekend and thought they looked pretty cool on that.
I would love to have some bars on my FB, but none I've seen even look decent. Oh well, if I drop it, I'll just sell the wife's to pay for new parts!
There seems to be a fitment issue with I think the 01?
My dealer had a used 01 with the bar attached on consignment and they were going to give it back to the owner: the dealer was concerned about the brake pedal action hanging up on the bar. I didn't see any issue with it , but it did raise a flag to be cautious about it. Oh yea he said the 'O' rings on the foot grips are non-replaceable.(again, subjective comment by dealer, I don't know but another flag.) I too have a 02 Fatboy and don't really like what's available right now.
I saw some on a Fatboy at the Manasas bike show last weekend. Looked Great!

I have the front and back sets on order to be installed on my 2003 Fatboy when it arrives. I love the look!
Looks are subjective. I know quite a few that like them on RoadKings and a few touring bikes.

The two issues I would have with them are safety related and are that when you ride a bike with the rear bars they have a way of catching the back of your leg when you have to move the bike feet down, and the very sharp edges on both front and rear bars.

If you get unlucky they can do a lot of damage.
Interesting, never thought of that... (as look of astonishment crosses face)...

This would be the first set of Engine Guards (don't as me what you call the back set bars) and never thought of hitting my back legs on the rear bars.... As I don't hit the rear seat pegs when I ride my wife around on a Super GLide, I think I would be ok.....

You really got me thinking on this one! Thanks for the post! :cool:
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