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Here are some pix of the exhaust bracket. I first made a template from a piece of cardboard box; then transferred that to the metal. Then cut the 1/4" x 1-1/4" strap to length and drilled the hole. Then came the torch, hammer and anvil work. Really, a blacksmith's forge would have been just the ticket. Might have to build one of those one day... 20191026_145852.jpg 20191026_180636.jpg 20191026_181947.jpg 20191026_181856.jpg

Pix show the bracket after the 90° bend; then after heat and beat to shape it; and finally installed with a clamp loosely wrapped around it. I started to remove it to correct the angle. But then decided I may bend the header a little bit like I said above. That would put the pipe tight against the bracket there. And if I leave it be, that bracket bending away from the pipe a little bit will prevent the clamp from walking off the end of the bracket. Not that that is a likely scenario...

Now have to decide on painting the bracket with rattle can engine paint - or exhaust paint. One or the other, I guess!


41 - 42 of 42 Posts