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Hey guys,

Thanks for the welcome.

I've been riding since I was able to get my leg over a mini-bike a zillion years ago. I have been a Goldwing rider up to now. My wife and I take all our vacations by bike. We've been from Wyoming to Nova Scotia to the Carolinas and back on more than one ocassion.

We totalled the Wing last summer when a guy in a truck pulled out in front of us on a two-lane state highway. Of course he wasn't injured and didn't see us (yeah, right). My wife had more road rash than I and she broke a finger, but I had six broken ribs, two vertabrae, collar bone, shoulder, a finger, ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung.

I got the Ultra when I still had a cast on my hand.

Hopefully the Ultra will work for us. I have to admit, we are used to more space, both for us and for clothing. My wife is not a large person at all, but I've already moved the tour-pak back an inch beyond factory.

But, it seems to handle ok, and of course the sound is beefier than the Wing.

I like the Gold Wing Road Riders Association forum, so I'm looking forward to this site as well. There are several Harley riders on that site too.

Again, thanks for the welcome.
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