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I have a 1967 Harley FL. I recently installed a new ignition switch and rewired the entire bike to the Harley Davidson service manual specs. Both the old and new ignition switches have 6 tabs for attaching wires( sketch shown on left of image) . The service manual wiring diagram shows only 5 tabs on the ignition switch labeled 1-5(sketch shown on right of image). I tried hooking up the wires the way the service manual shows (leaving number 3 empty and what I think is the 6th one empty,) but it doesn't seem to be correct. . Can anyone tell me the correct numbering sequence of the connection tabs?

The switch has 4 positions. The service manual says the positions are: LIGHTS. OFF. IGNITION WITHOUT LIGHTS. IGNITION WITH LIGHTS. from left to right. I am trying to make this happen on my bike. Thanks.


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Hi Man

The sequence Left to Right is exactly how I wired all my sickles whether 5 or 6 poles..
I don't really follow your drawing so I'll just tell & show you how I wire..

The single click to the Left is accessories and/or Lights as you said..
The middle position (straight up & down) is OFF, as stated..
The first click to right is Ign And Stop lights gotta have them..
And the second click right is Full Tilt Boogey or,,, Ign and all lights etc etc..

The 6 pole Switch you removed is Not stock,, stock was 5 pole but it doesn't matter,, you simply have one un-used pole..

Here are photos..

The first is my shovel's old 5-pole switch.. Just for reference..
The second is my 120" 6-pole switch..
Third is a 6-pole switch wiring..

Hot comes direct from Batt or via a circuit break..
The jumper from Hot feeds the opposite accessory pole with left click..
Ign position wire (first right click) goes to a circuit break that also feeds Stop-light or anything else you wish to run..
Lights & Ign wire (second right click) goes to another circuit break and feeds both and whatever else you wish..

Get it on Daddio

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