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I have been running the current setup: EV-27,10-1 pistons, head work with larger valves , adjustable pushrods and Crane Fireball H-4 ignition for about a year and over 16,000 miles.

The last couple days I have had several problems/symptoms, develop rather abruptly. At first I thought that maybe it was just fouled plugs because I did leave the enricher on too long with the colder weather, but replacing the plugs did not fix the problems.

When it passes about 4000 rpms the tach needle bounces, - it is not just accelerating that fast - it is way too quick and it seems like the rev limiter is kicking in - lower rpms seem ok I also had it pop out the carb during a slow 70+ mph run on the interstate - when I slowed down all was fine again.

However, it also seems to want to idle fast 1500 - 2000 rpms and sometimes pops out the carb like it is lean an intake leak?

the third problem just started as well, the starter spins but doesn't engage. I did order a new Ultima starter to try but wanted to list the problem, just in case it too may be a symptom of something else going wrong.

Before I send it to a shop I would like to try a few things, the tach "jumping" really makes me worry the Crane ignition may be going bad, or perhaps some type of sensor or ground loose?

any helpful suggestions will be sincerely appreciated, thanks in advance


On edit: I was planning to have new lifters put in this winter, could the lifters cause some of these symptoms?
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