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I Am Not An Expert, But...

In researching my switch to full syns in my '02 FLHTCI, I have made several calls to the Mobil 1 tech line, and also Redline Oil's tech line.

Concerning minimum temps, this is what I was told:

Mobil 1 - 150/160 degrees F minimum

Redline - 185/190 degrees F minimum

Your oil doesn't need to get to 212 degrees F to vaporize water. The aeration action of the oil system will help the process of vaporizing moisture.

I installed the H-D cooler, w/o the thermostat (Hippo even said that's how he'd do it). I have the fairing oil temp gauge, and the LCD dipstick temp gauge. I will simply cover the cooler when it's cold. I know I can run at ~55 degree ambient and the oil runs at ~175 degrees F. I'll cover the cooler when it's cooler than that...

When I switch to full syns soon, it might run cooler. (I just love the rumors and misinformation about syns -- like ole wife's tales).

I just want to know that all of my oil is routed through the cooler when it's hot (>95 degrees F). I think that decission would depend greatly on your area, and local weather...if I lived in a cooler locale, I might have installed the thermostat.
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