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200-230 is fine at the front head temperature sensor. 250 is OK as well for TC88bs
Those of you with the EFI ECM, it has built in Temperature Management in the EPROM software that kicks in at 300F on the front sensor.
So HD cares when it is 300 - not 180, 230, 260.....
Of course your right leg started caring much earlier if you're stop and go.
Not to tell you more than you want but the EFI or ECM Temp Management does three things in stages.
1. It reduces the idle RPM whether the bike is stopped or moving. the range is 50-250 so you may not even notice.
If temp keeps going up..
2. It riches the AF mixture at all load positions whether the bike is stopped or moving - this cools the engine as more gas is cooler combustion. You won't notice this change.
if temp keeps going up after one and 2...
3. It cuts out every second fuel injector pulse which is a 50% reduction in combustion/heat production. This only occurs if the bike is stopped. You won't notice this either as the injector pulses pick up again when the bike moves.
This Temp Managemnt is only on EFI models.
Oh, that dip stick temp gauge thing is measuring oil temp well off the heads, not temp at the front head sensor so it will be 10-20 - even 50 degrees below the actual head temp depending on auxiliary oil coolers etc.
Not a big deal as the side heat is gonna chase you off the bike before HD even kicks in temp management in the ECM.
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