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I want to get rid of my rear saddle bag crash bars...

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I have an 02 Road King Classic. I want to get rid of the crash bars in front of the saddle bags, but of course, these are part of the set up that supports the bags and the pipes. I'm trying to figure a way to fabricate a bracket to attach the bar that the bags rest on to the frame that will allow me to lose the crash bars. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Custom Chrome has an item called Crash Bar Eliminator. It's 60 bucks give or take. I got mine on Ebay.

They make the bike look better. In my opinion. However, do not drop the bike. :)
MilesofSmiles is right. They do serve a purpose. If you ever, and I can almost guarantee you will, drop the bike in a parking lot or a slow speed manuver, they will save your bags.
bar removal...

Ed and MilesofSmiles, Thanks (!) for the quick replies! It's a tough decision, as I (as most of us have, I think...) have had a couple of slow "set-downs" over the few years I have ridden. I'm taking a chance, probably stupid, but I appreciate the input.
Crash Bar eliminator...

MilesofSmiles, do you happen to know if there is another name for the part you spoke of? I'm thumbing through my Custom Chrome catalog and can't locate this by this name. Any help is appreciated.
WAIT!! I think I found it, Rear Bumper Eliminator (?) by Carlini. Is this what you are talking about? The description seems right, but I'd be more confident if you confirmed it. Thanks!!
OK, I'm the dumb a#$!! I now see how this set up works, MilesofSmiles. The Carlini bumper eliminator is part of the package. The highway bar eliminators are shown WITH it, I just need to kick in the other 4 brain cells, and it all becomes crystal clear. Got it now.
Doss Chrome Saddlebag Support Brackets Fit Road King and Dresser models from 1985 to present. Custom Chrome #46-492
Thanks Old Boy, this looks like a good way to go, too.
Let us know which way you decide to go and how it turns out. I'm thinking of doing the same thing:cool:
I saw a king the other day without the rear bars. Thought it looked great.
my rg fell over 'cause I parked it in a stupid place. Trashed the saddle bag even with the bars in place........
This board is amazing!! I just turned a friend with a new FatBoy on to this forum group. Never ending good information. Thanks to all!!
Black Classic,

Go to Ebay and enter crash bar eliminator in the search block. I just did and 4 came up. $49 plus shipping. Bike Inc is the seller.

I just realized if you have a classic you have the leather bags. Those are easy to find on Ebay too if you do trash one.

I have a custom paint job on hard bags. I am really taking a chance without my bars but what the hey. I am a risk taker by nature. Hell, I ride a bike. :)
MilesofSmiles, thanks for the tip on Ebay. You know, tons of great looking bikes have NO crash bars, I have to think they are dropped just as often as RK's are (rationalizing here..) Nice to know there is a source for a repacement when I pull that stunt next! Thanks again.
I think we have a natural tendency to be more careful when we know there is an added risk, ie when we ride in a no helmet state, don't have crash bars, etc.
Ed Y said:
If you ever, and I can almost guarantee you will, drop the bike in a parking lot or a slow speed manuver, they will save your bags.
Not to mention your leg:D
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