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Can anybody help me out here...?????
Ther just isnt any good dyno tuning techs available around here anymore.​

Yes this has been posted somewhat before..,
but i surely need more response from the guru`s here that have this kind of build.., or know alot about or have done this type of build.

I`m looking for the proper jetting for the Mikuni HSR45mm carb for this build.
(i surely know that ALL bikes will react differantly - just lookin for a good start)

I`m definatly not a newbie to harley bikes.,
just never tried one of these Mikuni HSR 45mm carbs before.(couldnt refuse the price., so thats why i bought it., otherwise i would have used a HSR42)
I want to get it really close without wasting money & time on alot of jetting parts. I tune alot of CV40 & HSR42 carbs all the time.., as well as built alot of twincam engines too. I`ve only done mostly very mild 95 kits & cams & carbs., but decided to try this mikuni 45 on this particular build.

As you can see., i`m shootin for mid to top end power. Its just the way i like to ride - lol.., but surely dont want the bike so radical that its a pain to ride either. I decided on this build from reading alot on this particular forum. Plus i got the parts for next to nothin. (thanks eNay) I didnt want the expense of roller rockers or any of that other high dollar wallet robbing parts stuff. Thats why i went with that andrews tw60a cam too. Its not that far off from the SE257 cam profile either.

So here we go...!!!

Bike & Build:
99 Dyna FXDX TwinCam
Mikuni HSR45mm Carb
SE Intake (#29635-99)
SE Air Cleaner
Andrews TW60A Cams
SE Perfectfit Pushrods (#18400-03)
SE HTCC CNC Ported Heads
SE HTCC Forged Pistons (std 1550)
SE Head Gaskets (#16101-01)
SE Comp Release`s (jims installed )
SE Tunable 2 into 1 (16 discs w/coverplate installed)
SE Clutch w/3:37 gearing (Final: 130th Belt - Pulleys 30/70)
DynaTek Ignition TC-2 Module (its set on 30b)
(Revlimiter is set on 6,500rpm)

What i need to know is., what should i use for:
Pilot size ???
Main Jet ???
Needle # ???
"E" clip position ???
Pump Nozzle # ???

Recommend any "DynaTek" Ignition settings guyzzz...???
Any idea of torque & hp numbers with this setup guyzzz...???

If you need more info.., i can also be emailed at:
[email protected]

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer guyzzz...!!!
My hat`s off to the best harley forum on the net...!!!!!!
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