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I had marbles

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I had the marbles in the primary it got louder when I switched to ATF the bike ran ,shifted fine
I took primary cover off adjusted SE chain tensioner started it up with cover off still had the noise so I noticed a little play in the clutch hub so I took it off and I replaced the bearing and while I had it apart the SE compensator ramps looked bad I went to HD to get the washers to put behind it to quite it down until I can get a new compensator well I did Get the man o war compensator since TED’s HD had one in stock .

Got everything back together I put the ATF back in so me & GF can go riding the next day with temps in the 70 noise still there in the clutch area
Well everything back off this time I got a new primary chain , inner bearing, seal and the shift shaft seal it was leaking I got everything back together I started it up with cover off and she was quite 🎉🎉 .

I put cover back on and put mobile1 4t 10w/40 in started her up Ahh she’s ready for a test ride no marbles in the clutch At one point I thought it was the SE clutch set & spring that I put in 2 yes ago.
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