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Nice to ride again :-)
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I was told by someone who I respect and miss a great deal, that this is a moot point on these air cleaners and such.

You can not go at a fast enough speed to make a difference. Something about the CFM an engine draws into the intake track, the speed you would have to travel to overcome, and add to that, is not obtainable.

I use a Doherty Power Pac and love the little slip in intake track to create an even flow into the intake.

These use a K&N filter. I have run it bare and with a cover and I really cant tell a difference. Nor did it show up in the TCFI logs, or at least that I could tell.

I can tell you I ran 100 miles in a TORRENTIAL downpour, bare element, and it did wash the red oil out of it, and I was concerned on water issues but the bike never missed a beat. I since have bought a filter thong made to cover the top front third of the open element and carry it in my bag. It is a cool gidget to have and leaves 2/3 of your element open while protecting it from rain in the area you need to.

Don't know about the 10 micron comment either, but you get any material saturated with water, and draw air through it, you are going to draw water with it.

If oil can puke out through it, water can certainly draw back through.
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