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I've been lurking around this forum for awhile and it seems like a nice place, so I thought I'd join in. Here's my story (and I'm stickin' to it). I started riding a minibike back in the 60's, went on to motocross in the 70's and then on to road bikes. Anybody remember the 70's? I had a Honda complete with ape hangers and a sissy bar. Always wanted a Harley but didn't get one until two years ago. I bought a chromed-out FatBoy on ebay and been lovin' it ever since.

I live in Michigan so the ridin' season is too short but then we are used to it. I was born and raised in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan so I'll always be a Yooper. Livin' below the bridge now with the Trolls.

Glad to know ya,

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Welcome aboard, Holden! I'm new too. Post a pic of your ride if you have one!
Hey, Holden. Make yourself to home. Welcome to the H/D Forum!:)
Welcome aboard, I know what you mean about a short riding season I would love to live where riding season was all year round although maybe then the excitement would were off and when would you do the repairs, I would need 2 bikes for sure.
I'll welcome you too! I sure would like to see a picture of that Honda with the apehangers:) You'll enjoy it here.
Hi Holden and welcome. Does anybody remember the seventies? Yep, some of my finest times on a bike. Man, have things changed though. Hope you're enjoying that Fatboy now as much as you loved riding back in the seventies. Give us a picture when you can.

the 70's? my GOD.....you have GOT to be kidding!!!!LMAO....don't remember the 70's all that well, but the music was and still is good:eek:
Welcome to the forum, Holden!

Aaahh yes, the seventies!! What a strange, wonderful time it was!!

Glad you decided to join us, looking forward to your posts. Enjoy that Fatboy!
Welcome to the forum. (seems like this crowd is getting big fast!)

I think I remember the 70's. Most of it. Well, not a whole lot, but I remember that it came after the 60's! :D

And the Honda Chopper! It was a 750 chopper that didn't make the turn and threw us into the barbwire fence. I survived, but the bike didn't. We sure had some fun back then!

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. We had our first warm day yesterday, almost 70. It was a little cool in the morning though, about 40. Put 100+ miles on after work. Ya gotta lovit.

I'll have to get some new pics to post. Had some real nice jpeg's but you know computers. I lost them all when I had to wipe/reformat the hard drive. Hope to have some soon.

Blue Sky and Open Roads,

Hell, I can't even remember yesterday!:D
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