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Howdy from Iowa!

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Long time rider, but obviously new here! Ride a '94 Softail Custom. Wife and I enjoy biking, boating, & camping. I've been lurking around here a couple of days and thought I better just get on board! I will help when I can, and shut up when I can't...
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:welcome: to the forums. Post up and enjoy. There is a lot of good info here in the forums. Chime in anytime.
Welcome to the forum! Great folks and good info. I was born and grew up around Madrid (for the non-central Iowans, thats a really small town north of Urbandale). Lived in Des Moines and Urbandale in the 60's then off to Chicago for the rest of my career. Lots of good memories of Iowa and its folks. Hope you enjoy the forum.

Ride Safe.
:welcome: To VTF man.
Great place to hang out and shoot the breeze.
Chime in on any one of a number of topics.:beer4u:
:welcome: to the forum! Post up often and enjoy.
Welcome to the Forum. Great bike and all the right hobbies.

You have found our wonderful site to make friends, talk bikes and get laughs.

Congrats and welcome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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