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Howdy all...

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I'm new to the forums, thought I'd sign in and introduce myself...

I'm 32, seperated from the Air Force (back in '01) after eight years and currently work as a gov't contractor in Maryland supporting the NSA.

As a rider I'm about as inexperienced as they come, just some time on various mopeds when I was 10-15 or so. I finally decided to take the plunge and do something I've always wanted to do, ride.

I've got a Black Denim Street Bob on order from the local HD dealership (should be delivered in March) and I'll be signing up for the Rider's Edge course to help me out. Most Forums I've been on usually recommend a 600cc crotch rocket to newcomer's, but I decided to go cruiser because I think it fits my personality a little better. Besides, my daily driver is a turbo '02 Firehawk (Trans Am) with well over 500hp to the ground, and that gets me into enough trouble as it is. The thought of just cruising and taking it easy appeals to me more than the need to go fast and probably end up wrapped around a tree ;)

I've got a couple of good buddies that I'll be riding with for a while (at least on any long rides) and they'll keep me straight and help me learn the ropes. Both have been riders for decades and one of them will probably be signing up here. He asked for a good HD site on one of the car forums we frequent, and this was the reply - So I know he's been sniffin' around :yes:

Anyways, Nice to meet everyone!
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:welcome: to the forum!
:welcome: to the forums. Thank you for the service to the country. Even if someone has told you before you can never be thanked enough.

I would highly recommend a riding course. It doesn't have to be riders edge. There are several good motorcycle courses that are good. Just whichever beginner course you can get in will suit you fine and teach you things you wouldn't think of as a new rider. It will also lower your insurance.

Post up some pics of that new scoot when you get her.
Welcome to the forum. Good call on the bike and the MSF course. Practice, practice, practice. Ride safe!
Thanks for the welcome all!

I've heard a saying that riding a bike is like having two buckets, one labeled "experience" which is empty, and one labeled "luck" which is full.

The object is to fill the ecperience bucket before the luck bucket goes empty.

I plan on getting in as much practice as possible, particularly on the slow traffic days around here!

Thanks again!
Welcome to the fantastic and most excellent forum of the motorcycle chosen few.
:welcome: to the forum! Thanks for your service. {salute( Congrats on your purchase of the Street Bob and good luck in the Riders Edge course. Post up often and enjoy.
Thanks for the welcome guys :cheers:

I'm already learning a lot just browsing around... This forum is great!
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