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Howdy All

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Figured I'd introduce myself here.
I'm 55 years old, been riding since I was 15.
My first bike was a 305 Yamaha 2 stroke, 1962 vintage.
Been on Harleys since 1968, and been through a '57 Panhead, '72 Shovel, '93 EVO, '96 EVO, and now into this new fangled '06 FLHXi Street Glide.

Hope to learn some here and contribute where I can. The say old horses can still learn new tricks. ;)
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Welcome to the the Best dog gone motorbike forum on God's Green earth.

You have quite impressive riding credentials. You will fit in fine and have very much in common with the population mean around VTF.

The Glide is a very fine ride...But it would be very cool to have a shovel and a pan in the shed too. Hope you still have some of those left.

Nice to meet you and hope to read some of your stuff in the future.
:welcome: to the forum 06HAWG. It looks like you have many years of experience so please share your expertise when ever possible.
Ride safe.
Hey 06Hawg, welcome to the forum from Indiana.

Post often and enjoy that new ride!

:welcome: to the forum! Congrats on the new Street Glide! ~!Awesome! Post up often and enjoy.
Thanks for the welcome and invites here folks. Ya'll seem like a nice bunch who don't get your panties in a big wad over nuttin'.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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