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take a anti freeze jug and cut the sides off it,

and make a little rectangular tray to sneak up under the filter.

be SURE to cut the end square so it fits flush under the filter.

take filter loose with tool, take tool off,

slide this under it, take filter off, slide it down the tray,

take rag, get off all oil,

take another rag, push it under the filter area, and pull the tray out.

the filter mount will drip some on the rag while you finish the oil change.

i have been using these for years, and i thought everyone did, till my buddy paid $350 for an 1k service at the dealer, and had oil all over the front of the frame. he could smell it all the way home, I wiped most of it off. but that still chaps you.


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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