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how much milage on the tires

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how much milage on the tires ,what is the brand of tire on the harley
what is the model and year of the harley
thank you
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dunlop 402 back(mu85 h m/s) 16 rk 04 classic 17,500 kmetre
dunlop 404 back 140-90-16 7000kmetre very sh...
Rear, Replaced stock dunlop totally shot at 11k replaced with an Avon venom.
front, Still on stock Dunlop at 19.2k and still looks good.
'05 Ultra: 57,000+ miles on odometer now

Rear tire: Dunlop Elite 3 Touring, currently with 14,000 miles on it and still looking good.

Front: Stock Dunlop D402 with 25,000 miles and still looking good.

(knock on wood)
Asking about tire mileage is very subjective. It depends on a lot of factors including riding style, maintaining proper inflation, road conditions.

I got 8500 out of Dunlops on rear of 2007 Road King and the fronts were like brand new. They would probably last 17K to 20K.

I am running Pirelli Routes now and the rear looks like it will go 10K, front is like new.
'06 Road Glide.Replaced the original 402 rear at 15700.I have 31000 on the original front Dunlop.
On 2nd Rear, Still on 1st Front

07 Roadglide, total mileage 23,000 miles. Dunlop 402 front/rear, 11,500 on second rear, 23,000 original front.
Rear tires on a dresser will usually last about 8 to 10k miles, thats because the rear tire is always pulling the machine off from a dead stop. They are made from a soft compound mainly for safety in stopping the motorcycle. I have tried them all but Metezler tires on my Roadking have a better feel in hard cornering, more stable and therfore safer. Just like ciggs and beer, we all like different brands. I have been ridding big bikes for over 40 years though, all those miles on different tires have shown me what is a better tire.

18k+ on my 05 Rk with the original Dunlop 402's. Changing them out this spring. The front still looks pretty good but the back will not pass inspection.
08 Ultra with about 12K miles. Tires were getting down there and I figured they'd go about 15 to 16 thou. The front was more worn than the rear. Following a truck a box of screws fell off and exploded in front of me and I picked up about 3 in each tire. Rode to dealership, used extended warranty with tire and wheel coverage. New tires installed, no charge.:woohoo:

1st D402 rear, 10k.

2nd D402 rear, 6k, had to replace because of nail near sidewall. Wear showed about the same rate as the first.

3rd rear tire, E3. Now at 9k shows over half tread remaining. Dramatic increase in tread wear with no downside in handling, wet or dry. IMO this tire is a big winner.

1st front, D402, now at almost 25k and still looks good. Will replace with E3 next time the rear needs changing probably at about 32-34k.
Dunlup Elite 3 rear, when i changed it out i had over 134k on it and it is on a friends bike now, he needed a quick tire and i wanted new tires front and back... think he had about 1500 miles on it before winter..
how much milage on the tires ,what is the brand of tire on the harley
what is the model and year of the harley
thank you
8000 miles - stock Dunlops front and rear - Ultra Classic - 2008 - plenty of tread remaining.
If you're not into smoking them, about 12,500 on the rear, 25,000+ on front. If the front starts to get cups in the tread, though, I'd change it out. It affects handling the most. You will hear the tire sing on corners.
My wife and I get about 14000 +or- on our bikes, Dunlop 402's. Bike model doesn't seem to matter, she has a Sportster 1200.
I have the stock Dunlops on my EG. No reasons to change a good thing. The back was changed out at 12k, the front is still running with 16.5k on it. Will probobly change the front this summer, might get 18k out of it. I think some of my wear issues are hot summers and my indy corrected me about tire pressure. I was running about 32 psi front and rear, should have been 36psi front and rear, 40psi on the rear with passanger.
40k on my '02 Ultra. Always used D402's lasting 10-11k on rear and fronts last 20-25k. I may change next time to the E3's to try for higher mileage.
07 Fxdc approx 10k to 12k REAR. Stock OEM.Note MFGR states U should change every 3 years from date stamped INTO sidewall of tire.They need MO MONEY-MO MONEY!! HA-HA!!! Front will make the 3 year date EASY!!!
Put the new compound Avon Venoms on my RG last summer..
Just got new skins this week..
I had just a little over 4k on them and I mean very little..
They were completely worn out.. front and rear...

pretty crappy if you ask me..
I have run Avons since the mid 70's and am now going to run a different tyre..
Think I will go with the Metzler this time.. 880's I think..
I swapped tires on my '05 FLHR at 11,000 miles. I had a screw in the back tire with a slow. I could have squeezed another thousand miles or two out of the tires if I plugged the leak, but with a long tour coming up I didn't think it was worth the risk. I put Dunlops back on.
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