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How much metal should be on mag plug

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Transmission drain plug has magnet. How much metal should be there after 2-3000 miles since last change. Mine has about 5500 miles on it. changed at 1k then again 2k when i adjusted the clutch then at 5k for regular oil change. When I did the 5k change it seemed like there was more than should be there. since it only had 3k on it.

I plan on changing engine and trans every 5k.
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There will typically be filings & metallic dust every time. More in the beginning since the gears are "wearing in". That's one of the reasons to change the oil relatively early when breaking in a new motor.

Just change the oil at the same interval each time & keep a mental note of how much debris is there on the magnet. If you see an increase or if you are really worried, you can send a sample of your oil to Amsiol and they will analyze it for you.

As long as the trans works correctly and does not make unusal noise, or change it's behavior, ride and enjoy.
Forgot to mention that I changed to Amsoil 20/50 in both holes when id did the 1k service.
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