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Consider that if you get a Road King or a Heritage, you are also going to spend money on mods. It is what we do, no matter what bike we buy. So, to me it's all relative.

I don't know Heritages but I ride a Road King. The handlebars have to go or you'll get that pain in your shoulder blades from reaching forward and down all the time. Fifteen minutes in the stock seat and you'll swear your backside has fallen off somewhere. New Mustang seat ~$450. Highway pegs? Rider's backrest? Passenger back rest? Rack for your tour bag?

My point is it sounds like your comparing the cost of your stock Street Bob + mods to a stock FLHR or Heritage without regards to add-ons that you will do to those bikes.

If you can swing it finanicially, I'd say get what you really want. Just be sure you are considering the entire financial picture.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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