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True Oil capacity for 2004 Roadglide (not what HD manual says)

Just changed oil in the Roadglide doing the 30K service myself:). Bought the bike used and individual said dealer had serviced at 25K. Checked dealer and verified....So What is the issue you ask? I want to know the true oil capacity when dry (not what Y'all are reading in the manuals, or those who must change the filter then drain your oil, leaving gobs of black stuff in your system).
I drained the oil completely, also took off oil filter and let all residual oil in system drain....

HD Manual calls for 4 quarts of oil (OK, agreed):beatdh:. I had to replenish with 6 quarts to get it to even register on dipstick (when hot) and still showing a quart low...

When I put in the 4 quarts of new oil, I noted the oil wasn't registering on the dipstick, but due to all the "notes" on this website, thought I should not overfill. Took Black Beauty for a little ride and as I crept past 2000 RPM the oil indicator light came on and I also noticed the oil pressure that was originally about 20psi (idling) was now at 0. I immediately backed off throttle and pressure sensor idiot light went out- pressure stayed low, and I putted 1/8 mi home under 1000 rpm to keep things rolling. I filled with another quart of oil and still no register on oil dipstick...then a another half qrt., and saw a drop on the end. Took for another trip around block and ended up adding last 1/2 qt.

I ended up with 6 quarts of 20-50 in the reservoir, took on a 10 mile ride at various rpms (including 5 on interstate) and When I got home checking hot on jiffy stand it is at bottom of arrows and upright is in the middle...

Anybody got any idea of what issue is with 6 quarts to refill :confused:... Looking forward to your thoughts, slams, comments.....but please, don't quote me the manual says "***"... I want to hear from guys who really change their own oil, and have properly drained their system as one should...

Thanks in advance,
Migrating into your primary thru a bad seal.

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Lots of sh!t can migrate through a bad seal.

This thread also migrates back to life now and then. Can we please just let it die?
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