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Hello all,

I just signed up for this forum and ready to flood you with the questions :)

Anyway, few years back i accuired a pile of parts that used to be a 1960 XLCH in a custom rigid frame with custom made tank and fenders....
However, the top end was blown, carburetor MIA,
front end and wheels are gone. Yet i still decided to put it back together.... Man needs a hobby, all right ? :)

I got the motor deal down since i have worked with bikes for quiet some time, so i know what i am doing, now, the frame, wheels and so on is still a little foreign to me since i come from one of those Metric countries so rake degrees and stretch length do not mean anything to me :)
Somebody care to explain ?

I was able to find manufacturer of the frame - American Legend (some modifications were done to it.)
The one at the very bottom - P/N 95-004

Now, i am trying to figure out what is the max size of a rear tire i can go for and what i the wheel size... (i think it had 16" in it before).
And then, after i figure out the size for the rear wheel/tire i will have to pick the front end. I was thinking of going with Springer, since the look of those is absolutely stunning. But what kind of wheel should i get ? I still want the bottom of the frame be parrallel to the ground.. hehe

Anyway. Sorry for the long post. Looking forward to see your thoughts.

feel free to email me
igor (at) linuxinside (dot) com


P.S. If anyone cares to see what i got - here is the URL:
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