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ok, so i hooked it up to the bike, and it was turned off,

so i clicked it ON, renamed the map, saved the map, and sent the new map to the PC#

but here is a sreen shot of the Accel Pump, showin the PC3 connected on the PC3 screen in the back ground, and the Accel Pump showing it not working.

the only way i found the 90 page manual, was by open the PC3 interface, then HELP and then SOFTWARE MANUAL.
i can't understand why they would not load than into the root directory so you can find it easily

and if you can't find the ~90 page manual, i will tell you where it was hidden on my computer (in the backup Maps folder)

i only found the 6 page quick reference before when i was working on this[/QUOTE

Very few bikes need the accel pump feature. I had a 105/110
95" build that didn't need it.
As I understand it, it's only useful for very big builds.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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