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We got our own forum!!!:Banadance
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We should, since ours is the only bike the motor company ever decided to "re-introduce" due to popular demand. (At least I think ours were the only ones!)
:clap: Think this forum needs some pics! What do you guys think?
i just seen we have our own! WTF this is awesome. now, lets get down to bizness.

I hated getting mixed up with the Dynas.....
Why did HD abandon the FXR? It was and is a far superior ride to the Dyna. I also think it looks better with its triangular frame section and covers around the oil tank. :dunno:
the dyna is easier to assemble on the line {labor hours} less peices to align
My first post! Hello

Please correct any of the following information that may be incorrect.

From what I've heard over the years...the FXR frame/geometry was designed by Eric Buell. The frames of these creatures were all hand welded. The reduction in manufacturer's cost comes largely from the later Dyna's automated robotic welding procedure.

FXR's seem to carry the unofficial title of "Best handling Harley frame".The great handling supposedly comes from the increased stiffness of the less flexing "triangular" design, mentioned above. This is easily noticable on very fast corners and while dodging deer or other road interfearences.

Within 5 minutes of my first FXR test ride I knew I was buying mine('84 FXRT).

BTW-Does anyone remember this famous FXR('89) used in the movie "Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man"?

Below=Sticky info, perhaps?

FXR is a lowrider with rubber mounted engine.

1st letter-F = Overhead valve 74 or 80 cubic inch "big twin"
2nd letter-X= Assorted Sportster (X) parts, notably forks - initially Super Glides.
3rd letter-R= Rubber mounted engine

FXR--------Super Glide II original rubber mount
FXRP-------P=police equip.
FXRS-------FXR with cast wheels, extra trim aka Low Glide
FXSB-------Low Rider with belts
FXRDG------FXRS with solid disk rear wheel
FXRT-------R=Rubber mount T=touring aka Sport Glide
FXRC-------Low Glide Custom w/ wire wheels
FXRT/P-----FXRT P=police equip.
FXRD-------FXRT w/ trunk aka Grand Touring
FXRS/SP----Low Rider Sport edition
FXRS/CONV-Low Rider w/ detachable windshield and bags
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