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My buddy wanted a radio/CB on his '06 police EG. He ultimately purchased an '02 HD radio/CB that came with speakers, console pod, etc. and asked me to do the wiring.

With the wiring diagrams and parts books, it was tedious but relatively easy to replicate the HD installation and everything worked on the first try--with the exception of the left handlebar Deutsch connector that I had not assembled correctly--the connectors weren't locking so when connected to the interconnect harness electrical connection was lost--a little fiddling with the wires in the connector solved the problem.

If you want CB and weather channels (which he did), this is another alternative available to us, as well as EG Standard owners considering the available alternatives for CB.

EDIT: Just noticed the title is inaccurate: the radio was NOT an HK radio; it was an '02 HD radio/CB.
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