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Would appreciate any and all comments concerning this build. I have a 2002 Heritage that I ride about 10,000 miles a year. Four thousand miles are cross-country touring, the balance back road riding with very little city. Mostly ride one up and rarely see much above 5000 rpm.
Love the 37g and Dewey's numbers but fuel quality concerns make me think a milder build might be better for me. Many towns around here only have 89 octane ethanol. Have had a little problem with pinging with the bike now with only stage one done.
Have spent several months reading the forums on different builds and have yet to see this combination. Heres what I had in mind:
wrench's 98" kit
ams head work
Andrews 21 or 26 gear drive
v&h propipe
Thanks in advance.

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I have the 98" setup with GMR heads (worked stockers) and S&S 510g cams. Carb'd, V&H ProPipeHS, SE Adjustable map ingition. This thing is a stump puller! Talk to GMR, you may want a little bigger cam than the 21 or 26. Keep your C/R below 10:1 and gas shouldn't be a problem.

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You should be able to go with the 98" and 37G cams, maybe with a slightly lower compression than optimum. Call Steve (HDWrench). See what he has to say.


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I'm not really sure.

The AMS kits are very good and match the intended use perfectly, but they are a package in the sense that the KB pistons and the thermal coatings on parts of the head are designed to work together.

If you are decided on the Millenium kit, then I would lean towards the full kit from the Wrench, simply because I'm a believer in full packages that have been extensively developed.

I run the 37's at 9.5 in mine and it is very tolerant of heat and bad fuel, perhaps either vendor can set you up with a full kit and this or even with a 26 kit at something like 9.2

At this point I would decide on either full kit based on cost and delivery time, but would probably not mix and match parts.

Personally (meaning for my personal use) I'm more then willing to give up a few peak #'s and run whatever combo at just enough CR for it to be happy rather then run it at it's max practical CR.
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