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I have a 77 FXE, and im a pretty tall guy, im 6'4, and just don't have the leg room I need, I currently have the mustache bar that mounts to the bottom of the motor mount bolts, and comes straight out, Does anybody know of any kind sold that will give me more leg room on those long rides? Thanks in advance, ,,,,,,,,,,,,Easy

Kuryakyn has another set specifically for the mustache bar that uses the standard H-D male-female mounts at both ends. I added them to my passenger pegs, so I could rotate the pegs up for the kids and down for my wife (who thought the standard position was too high).

Only thing I don't like about them is you need 2 different sizes of Allen wrench to change positions, and one of the 2 comes loose unless you really crank on it. Neither would be a big deal if you aren't constantly changing the positions like I do, just set it up where you want it and use some Locktite.

Part # 7954 Offset Extensions (pr), $59.95
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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