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If you are talking about a chassis vibration here is what I would check. You may have already tried these things but if not I hope it helps. Also if your bike has ever been in an accident you should have the frame checked for alignment.

1. Tire pressure... make sure it is near factory specs not any lower.
2. Rear wheel alignment... easiest way to check is to measure from your rear axle to a fixed point like your swingarm pivot bolt, make sure the measurement is the same on both sides, if not adjust so it is.
3. Make sure all nuts and bolts in the front end are tight.
4. Wheel balance... i would suspect the front wheel is out of balance, have it checked by your favorite shop.
5. Wheel bearings... have them inspected while the wheel is in for balancing.
6. Steering head bearings... there should be no play when you grab the forks and rock them front to back while someone holds the bike. Also when the front end is off the ground and the handlebars are pointing straight ahead you can nudge the bars left and right and they should fall softly to the steering stops. If they hit the stops hard then your bearings may need adjusted or replaced.
7. Warped front brake rotor... this will cause a vibration in the front end.
8. Blown fork seal or seals... if this is the case you should be able to see a little oil on the upper fork tube. Even a small amount of oil on the tube is a problem, there should be no oil whatsoever on there.
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