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high flow kit/ warranty implications

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Hi, new member. I got kerker pipes finally after a month and a half wait. The service manger said as long as I was putting pipes on (02 FLHT) I should get a screamin eagle intake kit and jets which I got. I looked at the side of the box the intake kit comes in, and it says, "insallation may reduce or void your warranty" what gives? I am going to talk to the dealer later, but I wanted to put the pipes on and take a ride over there, today, to schedual a time to put the intake kit and jets in, any advice or experience with Harley warrenty. I also got a four year extended warranty. I didn't open the kit up yet. Safe riding!
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There have been several prior threads on "warranty" matters, and what voids a warranty. Run a search on the topic.

Are you voiding the warranty to make the change you described? Maybe. Maybe not. If the warranty problem you experience is with the brakes, obviously the work on the carb didn't cause the problem. If the problem you are experiencing is with the carb, guess what? You just bought the carb! Some dealers will look for ways to NOT honor an extended warranty. Others won't cause you any problem at all.

The more engine mods you make to the bike, the greater the possibility that you'll run into a dealer who doesn't want to honor the warranty. While there is suppose to be connection between the modification and the affected part (to void the warranty on that part), do you want the potential hassle? Now, in the case of the minor mod you are considering, you shouldn't have many problems. Unless!!! the problem relates to the carb. OR PIPES. Your potential warranty problem began when you made the change to the exhaust.

IMHO, most members of the H/D Forum will tell you to NOT worry about minor changes, such as the ones you've described.
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Two things.

Only the written agreement itself can carry the terms of the warranty. Adding a part, with it's own disclaimer, cannot ammend the terms of your warranty without being a signed addendum of the same. In this case, it is not. Therefore it is the actual warranty and terms thereof that you should read and understand.

Second the wording, "... may reduce or void your warranty..." is a pretty vauge statement. It does not point to any specific warranty nor does it say it WILL reduce or void.

If the parts installed are shown to be the direct CAUSE of future damange, then the wording of the contract warranty as it pertains to modifications should be studied and understood.

The stage 1 kit can clearly be shown to be a Harley Davidson Approved modification by nature of the fact that they both order and install the parts themselves.

Go for it and don't sweat the warranty.
Pasadenajim and jimmyk, thanks for the input. I put the pipes on this mourning, took twice as long as I thought it would. I really like the sound sort of a deep rumbling sound, not loud and and hollow. It also seems to run better, (probably just my imagination). I am taking it in Monday for the high flow kit. Boy I wish I was Texas or California now its raining and cold here. Safe riding, rickpoco
In the real world the pipes alone could void the warranty in the view of some dealers.

You should concentrate more on making the bike run right. Just slapping pipes on a carb bike is not a good idea and the odds are it is much more likely to cause a problem then adding the intake kit and properly rejetting the carb.

Properly tuned bikes will rarely have problems. Whatever the dealer tells you means little unless you only ride around the block. If you have an issue on the road the next dealer may have a completely different opinion.

Odds are you will always have to persuade dealers to do warranty work in a timely manner, in some cases even on a stock bike.
Hey Hippo, thanks for the reply. Around here it is rare to see or hear a Harley with stock pipes. The day I picked my bike up a guy on a BMW bike pulled up next to me and said he liked the sound of my bike, I told him it had stock pipes. I usually don't do any long rides just back and forth to work and 200- 300 mile day trips on weekends, but I am going to Sturgis this year, so now you have givin me something else to think about. I am going to pay the $20 for the H.O.G roadside assistance program. Safe riding rickpoco
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