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George C said:
I'm just wondering if you are happy with your Por Streets.
Chrome quality?

I might be changing my mind on pipes.
Hello George C. just spoted this.................I swapped them out a while ago, excellent hi performance pipes.

Definiteley need the heat sheilds as mine browned up quickly, partly due to my going too rich with the DFO.

Sound is real deep business like sound................not too bad at idle but when you crack it..........................loud but nice loud.

Can get in your ear a bit on long runs but performance is as good as a 2:1.

Hope this helps.......try bassanieast.com

All the best, Ozzie

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Thanks, just the answers I was looking for.
I ended up with I think is just as good of a performer as the Bassanis, the stepped Hooker Troublemaker.

You want to know how arrogant some manufacturers can be, I placed a call to Bassani to ask a few questions, and the guy was a real piece of work. He got real offensive when I asked him about the pipes bluing. He shot down the competition, and the heat shield approach claiming that heat shields may blue also and that it was more of a tuning issue.. Maybe so, but who wants to chance it......
I told him that if they really want to be competitive in the pipe market, they'd better listen to me, the consumer, take my input and develop a complete heat shield to keep the pipes, and their customers bikes looking pristine.
If they had a complete heat shield, they would have been my choice..
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