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Hey Girls.. Ever been screwed ,and it not feel good???

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I bet you Lurkers are just clicking away to read this... This is a girl Thang.... here goes... Woman walks into repair shop(that would be me) Says the A/C is not cooling in my Lincoln... The screwer (man) from Maryland, says... I'll fix it.... but you really should convert to new freon 134R ... old stuff is out- lawed...and very expensive... me says o.k... that was last Aug.01... The hoop-t as I fondly call her has now been worked on 4 times... at the tune of almost $800.00 , got it back 7/01/02 lasted 1.5 weeks left me on the side of the road..in Virginia had it towed back to farm... been sitting for 4 months... trying to get the screwer to come get and tow to MD. so he can fix it... now he won't.. soo on Monday... a new repair shop will be picking it up ... another $ 600.00 ..., Talk about being screwed... and It didn't feel good at all! I've been rippped off.... I think next week I'm going to call his wife and tell her I had an affair with her O.M... and now I'm Pregnant.... any of you girls get screwed at the repair shop????
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I tote around a great photo of me with my first place trophy in sporting clay competition. If I suspect there will be a problem, I offhandedly mention that I can hit a moving target a few inches across from a good distance. Next, casually glance at *screwers* crotch and then smile.
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