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Hey Fifthgear

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You gonna' post any new pictures of your mini-road king?
How do you like those new floor boards and that shifter thingy. Does it shift smoothly? I gotta know!
What's next, tank mounted speedo? LOL.
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AH hahaah! You're not going to believe this but my future plans are to mount a wide glide style tank and a mini tach. LOL But that's not the next revision, it will have to wait untill I'm ready for some paint work.

I like the floorboards and the heel-toe shifter. With the moderately shorts rides that I have been on I would say that they are going to work out fine. I am leaving for California july 19th for a quick trip that will entail an 800 mile first day and 750 mile second with the return trip being the same. I should be able to tell if the comfort of the floorboards is what i expect them to be.

I was noticing in a catalog that there is a new highway peg kit that attatches to the floorboards with a plate and extends the highway pegs out in front and above. If i find that I need extra repositioning of my feet on extended rides I may check into them. I don't prefer to have engine gaurds so these may be an alternative if I decide that they are necessary.

I haven't taken any recent photos of my bike and with this rain that we have been having i doubt that i will have a chance before i get back from California. But i'll take some soon. By the way though......when you've seen one Dyna roadking, you've seen them all. LOL:D
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Well at least it's not a mini-ultra. LOL.
Can't wait to see the new pictures.
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