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Hey DPrice !

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Looks like you are running a falsie on the left side of your RK. How is the performance with that set up?

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V/h pipes on right

Really increased the performance of the bike...with the baffles in and without the stage one, I was lucky to get it running 110 mph...

Without baffles and the stage one download, does 120 without any problems..

The V/H longshots bolt up to the heads and both pipes run on the right so nothing is on the left side. Recommend it!

I have this addiction with speed:confused:

98 Torch Red Corvette C5
3:43/Borla Exhaust/K&N/Red/Black Wet Okeoles/Chrome Wheels
Speed Lingerie/Hi Performance Granatelli MAF/Valentine 1/HyperTech'ized/Vortex Power Duct/Vortex Cold Air
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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