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Hey All A FNG here

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Hey everyone. Nice forum ya got here Fifth I think I'll hang around for awhile.
Got my first Harley back in 83 which was a 79 FXS80 Lowrider with only 11 k miles on it. Bought it off a friend who had to sell it because of a new addition to the family. I paid $3500.oo and I thought it was a deal. It was in excellant condition. After 4 paint jobs and a recently top end job and 3 carbs later its still on the road with almost 90k miles on it. I just shelled out a few dollars for a new custom paint job on it which is very unique.
Will hope to have pics in the forum soon.
My other sled is a 2000 Heritage Softtail classic. What a caddie compared to the shovel. This one my wife can ride comfortabley on.
Its always good to see other people who enjoy the lifestyle as much as I do. Be cool everyone and may the wind always be in your face.
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Hi ArchAngel, I've read some of your posted stories already. They were cool man. I appreciate you jumping in with some interesing reading stories like that. Welcome to the forum.

Just one clarification for the record. This forum is owned by Dprice. I can't say enough about what a cool guy he is. He just let's me post here. Believe me, he is for the members here and we appreciate him and the forum he has created for us to use.

Welcome aboard,ArchAngel!

Looking forward to your posts.
Welcome aboard, I'm also running a 79 lowrider or at least I will be as soon as my new carb comes in. I'd sure love to see pics of your bikes.
Welcome Arch! Would love to see pics of your bike. I kinda like shovels(and pans and knucks and evos and tcs etc,):D Hope you enjoy it here!
welcome to the board arch angel. i am rather new myself. the people here are great! have fun:D
Welcome, Arch.

You'll enjoy the H/D Forum. Lots of good folks here. :)
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