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Heritage Softtail Pipes

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I have a 2003 coming on September 11th, and I got the fuel injected Heritage classic, I want the duals out the back with the Fishtail extentions like on the springer soft-tail. I want to finance the pipes with the new Harley so if I go with the screamin eagle mufflers will it have a bad ass sound at all? I wanted straight pipes but because I choose f/i I am limited.:confused:
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I'm about to get an '02 Heritage with no miles. I too would like to know what the best pipes would be.
In my opinion SE pipes tend to be the some of quietest after market pipes, they sound good just not as loud as others. I have looked at some duals that go down both sides of the bike with fishtails. Samson makes a set but i have never heard or seen them in person.

Here is a pic of them I THINK, not sure these are samson pipes though.

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I'm with ya bro! I'm waiting for mine to come in so I can take me new bike home!

I have a '98 Heritage w/Samsons Fishtails. They are loud, some people really like them, some really don't. I think they are very cool and have an excellent raw crackling sound. Really good when your backing off in a low gear.
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