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You get the idea.
I like it because it’s the same GPS that’s in the car, and when it’s off the bike , there is only one small black plastic ball. The ONLY drawback is the GPS is not water proof. But, when I’m in the rain I just take it off and put it in the saddlebags anyway.

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I saw in the DK catalog a waterproof pouch with a clear window for the screen. It has straps to wrap around the handlebars. Well that is that setup, but why not buy the pouch for GPS or phone, ditch the straps and attach to my gizmo holder.

Personally when I first saw it my mind didn't connect that this product would keep my GPS dry.duh.

I have a 14 book or I would take a picture.......it pays to order the Denniskirk catalog as many items on the net require precise wording.

Well thats my rambling for today.bye.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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