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Which HadleBars do you prefer

  • Standard ones that come with the Heritage

    Votes: 25 56.8%
  • Road King Style

    Votes: 3 6.8%
  • Drag Bar

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  • Other

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Heritage Softail Handlebars

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I recently Purchased a new 2002 Heritage Softail Classic.
The bike is awsome but I'm still not sure about the handlebars. I find it gets kind of uncomfortable after awhile especially my left hand from pulling in the clutch. I was wondering what other Heritage owners are doing with their handlebars. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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Adjust ...

When I took delivery of my Hertigage in April, I found the bars were just too high for me. My arms were straight out from my shoulders, and it wasn't very comfortable.

For reference - I'm 5' 10" with an average length torso. Wish I could say the same about my gut. 8^)

So I loosened up the clamp bolts and rotated the bars downward, then retightened. This not only lowered them to a much more comforatble level, but also brought them in a bit closer, requiring less of a reach.

I'd recommend giving this a try before going off looking at new bars, etc. - it's free and only takes a minute so you've nothing to lose.
Got an '02 Heritage. switched from stock bars to stock Road King bars. still wasn't comfortable on long rides. Put a set of Chubby RK bars (not RK 2"s) on and 100% comfort. 16 inch pullback. I'm 5'6" and no more leaning.

Were they W0508s?
Did you have to buy new cables or could you use your factory ones?
Got any Pics?
Rrogan, that is the bar. I don't have any pics yet, but wild1 who makes the bars has pics of the bar on a heritage. I tell ya, this bar makes all the difference in the world. If you are tall with a long reach you might be more comfortable with the RK 2's. 14.5 inch pullback. everything fits up to stock wiring and cables. grips hang off a little, but that's the way it is. won't be dissapointed. Maybe I can get some pics up of my scooters. Truckman
Are your arms fatigued or is it just your hands? I have tunnel carpal issues and my clutch hand goes numb after riding for awhile in stop and go traffic. AMP makes a "Power Clutch" that reduces the effort by 50%.
Never tried it but it is an option. Saw it in jpcyles.com catalog. pn 26-385 or 26-386 if you want to check it out.
Just my 2 cents
Jlegers, the longer pullback on the chubby let's me sit up straight. the 16 inch pullback accomodates for this. back isn't as fatigued as having to bend forward, especially after 6 or 7 hours. my hands occasionally(not very often at all) start to numb. when I first started riding I found myself riding with tight grips and numb hands. I don't grip down so hard and stretch my hand every so often. I know what you mean though, I'd be cruisen and all of a sudden have to come to a stop and my hand would be so numb I could hardly pull the clutch or the brake. this occurance is pretty much all gone these days. found my problem was gripping the grips too tight. after a while even when not riding I could feel the nerves in my wrist popping (like your funny bone in your elbow) when I turned them a certain way. this to is all gone. this is only my experience with numb hands. Truckman
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Adjusted Handlebars

I finally lowered my handlebars and what a difference. It feels much more comfortable. I'm still not impressed with the looks of the handlebars. I like the retro look and was thinking about putting the beach bars on. Does anyone have these bars on their Heritage Softail?
This spring I broke down and bought some wild1 Chubby RK II bars for my Heritage and what a difference. They are much better than the factory bars. They feel and look better.
I like the stock handlebars... enhances the in-the-bike feel of the Heritage. However, I'm also 6'5" and this could be why they are comfortable to me.
I am 6' 2" found the stock bars set to high. I dropped them down now they are perfect.
I to rotated the stock bars on my 01 Heritage, I'm 6' 4". I think part of the problem is your hands need to be below the level of your heart so mid chest is about right. I have a set of Fat Boy bars i was thinking of trying, does anyone know if the stock brake pipe still fits or do I need a braided hose.
also... lube your clutch cable and lever regularly... makes a BIG difference in clutch effort
On the heritage I rotated the bars down - made a big difference - also found that I could loosen my grip which reduced stress in my arms. I'm 6'.
I did three things for a more comfortable ride on my 02 Heritage. I rotated the bars back a few inches and it made a big difference. I put on fatter rubber grips so my fingers could relax more. Then I installed the White Bros Easyboy Clutch kit for $25. Makes the pull about 30% lighter. It is an extended lever that goes inside the right trans cover and connects to the end of the clutch cable. Gotta pull the pipes out of the way and drain the trans oil, but your fingers will thank you at every stoplight.
I've got an extra White Bros Easyboy Clutch kit that I took out of my 88B a couple of weeks ago. As Jefro says, it makes it much easier to pull the clutch. It's very easy to install. If you want it, PM me. It's free, just pay a couple of bucks for shipping.


I took your advice today and rotated the handle bars about 3". Great! Rode about 100 miles and I had no problems with my left hand going numb. Plus, I believe, since the bars were closer to me, I had better control of the grips. Thanks for the recommendation.
I put the 4 1/2 pull back risers on my 2002 FLSTCI. Rode to Thunder Beach this past weekend (350 miles one way) no more numb hands and easier to reach without stretching my back. I could lean back against my pack strapped on the front of the sissy bar, too.
Rotated the stock handle bars down. Thats all I needed for a more comfortable ride.

I just mounted the Wild1Chubby 502s.....

Here are some pix.

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