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Heritage saddlebag help

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Any ideas on how to keep the saddlebag lids on stock Heritage saddlebags from curling up? I use a product called "Lexol" available at tack shops everytime I clean the bike.Any comments, suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks. guido
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There is a metal strip that I have seen for sale in Drag Spec, or JP cycles for about 20 buck, which lays across the top and keeps the hoods from sagging out of shape. I just replaced my bags due to that, and made my own strips from some aluminum from home depot wrapped with black electrical tape. They work !! You just pull them up when you need to get in the bag, and put them back, they really stabilize the top. Put a little bow in the top so that it forms to the shape of the top. Seems to be a problem with all those bags.
Thanks for the reply, Rob.I've never heard of em.I'll go see if I can hunt them down online.I like the stock bags but it seems if you do any riding in the rain they get worse.Eventually I'd like to change over to the older style Heritage bags, they seem to hold up better.Again, Thanks. guido
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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