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Heritage Classic FLSTCI

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My first bike was a new 1969 XLCH Sportster. I paid $1700.00 cash for it right off the floor. I rode for about three years and sold it for $1000.00 and two highly collectible rifles. A Model 37A single shot full choke 12 gauge shotgun and a Winchester .22 caliber lever action rifle with scope. I then bought a Yamaha RTB360 and took to the trails. I rode for about another three years. I then married and put all this behind me (for awhile). I traded the Yamaha for a Sun (tube type) guitar amplifier and a Fender electric guitar. My wife and I have two great children. They have grown and struck out on their own. I worked for a coal company for twenty-three years and was laid off due to the "soft demand for coal". This was about ten years ago. I have a 2003 Heritage Classic ordered. It is supposed to be delivered the first week in September. I sat on the demo and I can not describe how good it felt. It has been about twenty-seven years since I have really done any riding. Has anything changed on the road since the middle seventies? I know the bikes have changed a great deal, ESPECIALLY the cost.
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Welcome! I'm right there with you, I've got an 03 bike on order also. Quite a few people have nothing but great things to say about the bike you chose. I'm not sure I understood your question about things changing on the road sice the mid 70's -- unless you were joking. Anyway good luck with your bike. When is it due?
When I got my Sportster all I did was pay for it and ride. Now, I have to get a learners permit and within one year I have to take a skills test. I want to take the ABATE class but in my area they are full until February, 2003. There seems to be more traffic on the same roads I used to ride on. When I was a freshman in high school very few had vehicles. Now all the schools in my area have parking problems. Seems families have two and three cars now. We have fewer people living in this city than did in the sixties and more cars on the road now than then. I am suppose to get my bike the first week of September, 2002. I have a friend who bought a 2001 FXDX with eight miles on it. He is the same friend I sold my Sportster to. When I saw his bike ....I knew then that I had been bitten by the Harley bug...again. I really think that if this "bug" had not been treated it would have been fatal. I am a firm believer that you can think yourself sick or think yourself well. I treated myself and come September (if the local Harley Dealer makes good on the delivery date) I believe it will be possible to make a ninety-five percent recovery.
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Alright-ty then, come on September! Mine is due in September/October. I also hope to make a full recovery -- HA!
Welcome aboard,wood02 !!

Congrats on the Heritage,nice choice.

Enjoy the forum & post often!
Welcome wood02. I wish you a full recovery! Post often. J.T.
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