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Heritage Bar Change - Mirror Issue

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2005 Road King Classic, just put on a set of Heritage bars and they work very very well in case anyone is wondering... I'm tall anyway, but it brought the controls back nicely so I can sit straight up - no more sore neck. Problem is that they are slightly narrower than the stock bars, so I'm looking at too much shoulder through my mirrors. Is there a kit of some sort, or mirror stems that can be changed to put the mirrors farther out (wider) without having to buy new mirrors?

Any tricks would be appreciated !!!
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There are HD mirrors with longer stems. We had them on our police bikes. They didn't come with my 06 RK(my own bike) so they may not use them anymore. Sorry, I don't have a part number but they are out there.
I'm 6'4" when I changed my handle bars I had the same issue with the mirrors . All I could see on my left side was my shoulder. Harley has mirror extenders for about 30 dollars but I cant remember the part number.
Thanks folks... found the fix. Bought new H-D mirrors with the longer stems - same mirrir style as stock. Worked like a champ and about $38 each. No more shoulder to stare at !!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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