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here's two post that i put on cruisebikes.net forum under NoStockBikes-----the first one is just after i got the bike-----the second is an update a few days later-----i'm still at break-in , have another 120mi. to go to let her run the pasture a little bit-----would enjoy feedback from other rod owners........hutch

GOT MINE !!!! , and i'm a happy camper so far--------i'm still doin breakin and only have 250 mi. on her-------i'm doin it by the book-----say what ya want, call me a ***** or whatever, BUT, I'm drivin a little paranoid------somthin tell me the chip in the ECM is keepin track of rpm's and mile points------just a hunch-------but i gotta tell ya, i can feel her gettin stronger-------she wants to lunge------the sounds changin too------deeper----stronger ------------some of the tight whine is subsiding-----------gas tank is lastin longer too------she was usin some gas now--------cant deny it ------she's catchin some serious eye--------i love the way she looks-------to me she's a piece of art------i'm wonderin if H.R. Giger had anything to do with her design ???--------well , i'll be out there ---puttin around at 55mph waitin till she rolls 500-----it seems like i'm sittin on a volcano waitin for an eruption------------well hey------theres my take------as you can see i'm a little passionate about the machine-------she's my first bike, whattya spect............Hutch

a few days later------

ROD update------
well hey-----it was beautiful here yesterday and my son had the day off----convinced me to catch some wind------he rides a cbr 600------so off we go-----still gotta rack some more miles, and i told him to do what you want as i gotta stay 55 ish for a little while longer---------was told not to just keep it at a constant rpm during breakin , but to very it within the recommended speed--------so i'm gradually given her some more throttle as i climb up to 55-------gotta tell ya, i was feelin some G's on my ass, and a tug at the wrist and it's still got another 6k------CRITIQUE-----------sometimes the self-canceling turn signal would not always go off-------and i wish it had a temp gauge-------i hear the fans come on, but i would like to see the temp and correlate it to the fans-----this would tell me of a fan malfunction--------too -----i keep lookin for leaks-------haven't found one yet------no drips under her in the morning--------------- as far as me wantin to give her more throttle, it reminds me of a scene in Pulp Fiction when jules has Mr. Nine Millimeter in the diner robbers face and sayin , " I'm tryin Ringo, I'm tryin REAL!! hard not to pop a cap in your ass". -----thats just what i'm goin through during this break-in............... Hutch
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