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My headlight doesn't seem to shine out front far enough. On low, the bright spot on the road is only about 40 feet out front of the bike. On high beam it's not much farther. On my last bike, high beam really didn't light a spot on the road..it just reached out there and blinded oncoming folks. Any tips on how I should go about re-aiming the thing?

Riding yr rnd in sunny FL
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From the FSM page 7-75 1998 Service manual.

1. Verify correct front and rear tire inflation pressure.
2. Place motorcycle on level ground with minimum light.
3. Point front of bike toward a screen or wall 25' (7.62m) away from the
front tire contact patch. (Directly below front axle).
4. Draw a horizontal line, on screen or wall which is 35 in. (889mm) above
the floor).
5. Have a person who weights roughly the same as the main rider sit on the
6. Stand bike upright with both tires on the ground and front wheel straight.
7. Turn on ignition. Set headlight switch to HIGH.
8. Check alignment for proper height alignment. Main beam of light
(broad, flat pattern of light) should be centered on horizontal line of
screen or wall (ie. equal area of light above and below line).
9. Check light beam for proper lateral alignment. Main beam of light
should be directed straight ahead (ie. equal area of light or right and
left of center).

Adjust if necessary.

1. Remove snap plug on top of headlamp bracket (ie aluminum hood looking
thingie). Loosen headlamp clamp nut.
2. Tilt headlamp up or down to properly aim it in relation to the
horizontal line and, at the same time, turn it right or left to direct
light beam straight ahead.
3. Tighten headlamp clamp nut to 10-20 ft-lbs (14-27Nm) after headlight is
aimed. Re-install snap plug (ie aluminum hood looking thingie)>

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I adjust my light to the roads I ride. I have steep big hills that I ride on and if I follow the service manual for location of the light I would not be able to see if front of me more than 30 foot while going up and down and a round the hills. Unexceptable. The roads have no lights, I need to see far enough ahead to avoid the deer rats. So I like my light to be just under the mirror of the cage in front so not to blind the **** out of um.
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