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Help with foot pegs

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Hi everyone.
I am thinking about changing my sporty's stock foot pegs with some other a little bit more.... cool looking:D

I was looking a some HD ones but they seemed awfully expensive......geeez what a surprise.
No seriously, i was wondering if you guys can suggest any site where i can get some good looking foot pegs and maybe handle grips.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Crazy Italian
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I would not let price be my primary factor in this decision. The stock pegs and grips send a Sportster's vibrations through the body like a conductor. Stock and stock-like products are among the cheapest you can buy. However, I encourage you to purchase a vibration reducing or isolating product. Such pegs and grips will make your Sportster ride much more enjoyable. IMHO, even cheap sponge grips will help. Now, watch me get "flamed" by some Sportster owners. "iso" grips?

Sign-up for a free JP Cycles catalog on the Forum home page. They have a wide selection and you can get a "feel" for the price of different products.
Go to www.jpcycles.com and order a catalog. They have everything you could ever want.
Thanks a lot guys for the advice.

Crazy Italian
Just click on the JPCYCLES FREE CATALOG BANNER to the right so that the Forum gets credit...its free!
DPrice, My sincerest apologies. ****, that's how I got mine!:rolleyes:
fourhour said:
Go to www.jpcycles.com and order a catalog. They have everything you could ever want.
what ya should have said . They have everything you could ever want, but cant afford!
I went with the Kuryakyn Iso grips (with the Throttle Boss), and plant to get the Iso footpegs soon. Took a few rides to get used to the throttle boss, but it's natural now.
I am going to replace all 3 sets of footpegs (Main/mid, passenger and highway).
They look way cool, are are plenty comfortable. The price isn't too bad either.
Just my $.02
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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