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Help with brakes

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I have an 2002 Dyna Super Glide I put som mini apes on it. I changed the brake line and now I can not get the brakes to bleed. it seems as if there is no presure being built up by the master cyclinder. The line is free from ubstructions.
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Put a MityVac on the bleeder nipple and use it to draw the fluid down to the caliper. If you don't have a MityVac, use a syringe (available at feed store). If that doesn't work, try pushing the fluid from the caliper to the master cylinder with either the MityVac or syringe. The 2 piston caliper used since 2000 are sometimes hard to get pumped up.
It helps when the master cylinder is the highest spot in the system, sometimes you have to turn the bars and sometimes you have to remove the master cylinder from the bars.

If nothing works after bleeding it use the old Duck trick, hold the lever tight against the grip with a tie wrap, hit the lines and the calipers with a plastic screwdriver handle a few times and let it sit overnite.
frnt brakes are bi*#* reverse bleed or with the mcy cover off pull the brk lever about 20 times very fast then almost pull completly almost, crack the bleeder nut on the caliper and squeeze lever all the way to handgrip tighten blder nut with lever still compressed and do it all over and over and over again till you get pressure its a pain ive done it in 2 minutes to 20 minutes the needle valve in the master cylndr is sooooo small it just takes a long tome to get fluid flowing good luck... diehard....
Thanks all. I finally got it, I tried the mity vac and it did not work. I gave up and let it sit over night. I checked it just a little while ago and the brake fluid was low, so I pumped the brake lever and it started to build up pressure and bleed fine. It works good now

lookie Here
and Here
and finally...Here.
I'm 100% sure this will work....Didn't get a chance today.
I'll be doing it first thing in the morning.
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I just bought a mity vac. I see how it works and hope it'll do the trick with my brake line. But a question for mity vac users (particularly Ed Y). I'm curious how you inject fluid into the bleeder valve using the mity vac. There isn't much in the manual about this application. I see that the mity vac has a safety valve on the top of the hand pump that turns it into a pressure pump once removed. But how do I actually inject the fluid? Do I fill the reservoir cup and pump away or do I need to seal off some end or something. I assume the fluid pumps up through the hand pump. Dazed and confused.... Thanks.
I did the 'Shooter' thing today. Worked first time. :D
Never mind. Mity Vac kicked ass. Job finished.
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