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HELP screaming eagle fatboy seat on stock fatboy

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Want to see if anyone out there can help me out with this one. I finally got a stock screaming eagle seat from a 2005 bike to put on my 2004 flstf. i did my research before hand and found out that as long as i got one off of an 05 it would fit bikes 2000-2005. Well I get the seat and go to put it on the bike and while the seat fits great the tail section hole for the seat pin is not lining up with the nut in my stock fender. all in all the hole in the tail section of the screaming eagle seat is about a half inch behind the hole in the rear fender. now i can make a bracket but was wondering if anone had any experience and knows if there is maybe something that harley makes for this since it is supposed to "bolt right up". any help will be appreciated.
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